• Flood Stop

Flood Stop FS 3/4-NPT [threaded] Water Heater Leak Detector & Auto-Shutoff.

  • The Flood Stop for water heaters automatically shuts off the water supply to the water heater and sounds an alarm, leaving all other household fixtures and appliances operational
  • Easily installed in fifteen minutes


  • Motorized Full-Port Ball Valve (3/4 inch NPT pipe threaded)
  • Control Unit with Battery Backup (4 X C Size)
  • Water/Leak Sensor (1.25” X 7.5”)
  • AC Power Adaptor (or use 4 X C Batteries as Primary Power Source)
  • Output Contact Wires - approx 3ft to valve and approx 7ft to sensor

How Flood Stop Works:

  • The Flood Stop valve is installed between the Water Heater and its manual shutoff valve. Water/leak sensor is placed at the base of the Water Heater Valve stays open until water loss is detected Water on sensor closes Flood Stop valve and sounds alarm Valve stays closed until problem is attended to and system is reset Without Flood Stop, Flooding Will Continue: Unexpected appliance failures cause flooding and water damage, which will continue unabated until the problem is discovered and the water supply is manually shut off. With Flood Stop, Property Damage is Avoided: Water loss from unexpected appliance failures and supply line ruptures are detected by Flood Stop's water/leak sensor, and the water supply is automatically and immediately shut off.

Flood Stop

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