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A Highly Efficient Water Heater Utilizes Solar Energy

The Hubbell model SLN solar water heater operates by transferring heat from an existing solar collector system to your domestic potable water system. The Model SLN storage tank is fitted with a coil that accepts heated solar collector water and transfers that heat to the domestic water in the tank. The solar collector water and potable water remain as two separate systems that do not mix, only the heat energy is transferred. The highly efficient Model SLN is a long lasting water heater that has no moving parts and does not require any electrical connections. When you specify and install a Hubbell Model SLN solar water heater, you will have confidence in knowing the owner will be provided with a quality product that is a trouble-free and long lasting source for hot water.


Heavy Duty Construction

  • Hydrastone cement lining provides longer tank life
  • Copper-silicon alloy tappings cannot rust or corrode
  • High impact composite jacket cannot rust or corrode and eliminates damage during installation and transit

High Efficiency

  • 2" thick polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss
  • Built-in heat trap lowers operating costs

Advanced Heating Coil

  • Fully removable coil for simple maintenance
  • Copper fin tube design provides maximum heat transfer


  • Residentials
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Schools
  • Any system which utilizes solar collectors/panels
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