Hubbell is pleased to provide free technical support to customers who purchased a tankless water heater from the company SETS Systems, Inc. Hubbell is committed in the support of the tankless water heaters sold by SETS Systems, Inc., and will provide ongoing support and technical assistance. However, customers should be aware that the lifetime warranty as sold by SETS Systems, Inc is not the obligation of Hubbell. If a replacement part is needed for a tankless water heater sold by SETS Systems, Inc., Hubbell will provide free support and offer the part for sale. Hubbell accepts all major credit cards and has parts in stock for same day shipment.

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Customer Testimonial:

"I replace my SETS 22kW tankless water heater with a Hubbell 21kW. The customer representative I contacted was very knowledgeable and very open in his comments about the SETS problems of the past".

Here are my comments:
1. There is no comparison between the SETS and Hubbell Tankless Water Heater. The Hubbell unit has been completely reengineered to meet the highest industry standards.
2. We have not experienced any temperature fluctuations during showers, even when other hot water appliances are in use.
3. The new temperature display and adjustment is easy to adjust and the temperature is accurately displayed.
4. I also received a discount for my old SETS unit, which I return back to the factory free of charge.
5. The new Hubbell unit is complete silent. Conversely, not so with SETS. 


Satisfied Customer - J Benze.

Original Sets Systems Manuals & Help Guides:

The below documents were created and used by Sets Systems Tankless Water Heaters and are being provided as a courtesy to current Sets Systems Heater customers.

Click images to download PDF files.

Sets Systems Owners Manual

Sets Systems Trouble Shooting Guide

Temperature Guide