How small is the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater?

About the size of an average briefcase. The Hubbell Tankless Water Heaters are a fraction of the size of a conventional 80 gallon tank-type water heater and they mount on the wall, so you can reclaim 100% of the floor space once occupied by your conventional water heater. Just imagine what you can do with that additional storage space.

Are there any special plumbing or electrical requirements?

The unit is designed as a replacement for a conventional tank-type water heater. Any electrician and plumber can install it wherever the existing unit is located. The unit is designed to use the same 208 - 240 volt current that your conventional tank-type water heater uses. The circuit breaker must be changed to one consistent with the specific model requirements. The wire connecting the water heater to the circuit breaker must be changed to a wire gauge consistent with local electrical codes. This must be done by an electrician. Complete Installation Instructions and a User Guide are included with each unit.

What type of Warranty covers the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater?

When installed by a licensed plumber and electrician (proof required), the Hubbell products are covered by a manufacturer's limited warranty of five (5) years on the heating chamber and one (1) year for electrical components to the original purchaser in the original location. The warranty may be transferred to a subsequent homeowner upon payment of a $75 transfer fee. All of the parts are manufactured and assembled in the USA and, unlike conventional tank-type water heaters, are 100% replaceable.

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What is the procedure for replacing parts?

When a component requires replacement, just contact the manufacturer toll free at 877-649-8589 or by email at or purcahse the part from our secure web store.

Will one unit be sufficient for my house?

Yes, unless you have a large house in which several people typically use hot water at the same time, or if you have a Jacuzzi or Roman tub. The unit in my three bedroom, two bathroom house has been in operation for over three years. It's not unusual for two people to be showering at the same time, or the clothes or dish-washer to be in operation while I'm in the shower. I live in Florida, so my incoming water temperature is warmer than in most areas. Typically you would not be able to run two showers at the same time in a colder climate unless you install one of our systems as a booster.

What's unique about the Hubbell product line?

I'm glad you asked. The Hubbell product line, as stated on NASA's own website, will reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 50%, while providing an endless supply of hot water. Unlike your existing tank-type hot water heater, the materials used in its construction resist corrosion so you won't experience water leaks from ruptured tanks that can ruin carpets, baseboards, drywall, etc. You reclaim the space once occupied by your outdated conventional tank-type hot water heater, because the Hubbell unit mounts on the wall. The Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater is controlled using an advanced electronic temperature controller which utilizes a precisely calibrated flow meter to ensure consistent hot water outlet temperatures as low as 0.2 GPM. This design, with the assistance of NASA engineers, is the worlds most advanced system for controlling a tankless water heater.

Why is the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater so economical?

A conventional tank-type water heater must keep 40-80 gallons of water heated to between 120o-160o F. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Now compare that to the 10-12 minutes a day per person that you actually turn on a hot water tap, shower, clothes or dish-washer, etc. The Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater only consumes electricity when you use hot water!

How does the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater reduce scalding injuries?

Scalding occurs when water that is kept at a temperature of between 120o-160o F. in a conventional tank-type water heater is allowed to flow from a faucet or shower without being mixed with cold water. When an adult encounters water that is too hot, they have the presence of mind and the ability to adjust the mixture and avoid scalding. When this happens to a child or infant, with or without intervention from an adult, the results can range from mild discomfort to third degree burns. If you or someone you know has been involved in a scalding injury, visit

The advanced electronic temperature control system integrated with the built-in flow meter in the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater controls the temperature of the water by sensing the flow of water through the pipes and adjusting the current to the heating elements accordingly. Whether one or two people are using hot water at the same time, the water is kept at the same temperature. You set the temperature using the digital display controller located on the front of the unit. Hint: I set my Hubbell Tankless Water Heater at a temperature slightly higher than I like it when the hot water valve is full on and the cold water valve is full off. That way I don't waste energy by heating water and then mixing it with cold water in order to use it.

Will the Hubbell Electronic Tankless Water Heater work if I have a well and pump?

Sure it will. The unit operates in a range between 5 - 150 psi. Actually, the lower your pressure is, the higher the temperature rise produced by the unit. The optimum range you should set your pump at is 60 - 80 psi. Caution - If the pressure gauge on your pump permits the water pressure to vary by more than 20 psi, the operation of the Hubbell Tankless Water Heater can be impaired. A back flow preventer must also be installed.

How many units do I need for my house with an oversized tub?

This may depend on how many units your local building code calls for. Unless you use an unusually high volume of hot water, one unit should do nicely. If your house was built with, or is being designed for, two independent water heaters, you would require two Hubbell Tankless Water Heaters. The suggested configuration for homes with oversized tubs of the Jacuzzi, Roman, or Garden types or body sprays is to install two Hubbell Tankless Water Heaters in series, one centrally located to serve the majority of the home, and one on the hot water pipe going to the Master Bathroom with the oversized tub. The second unit would only operate and consume energy when the Master Bath was being used. The high flow rate of an oversized tub or body sprays requires that they be installed in series, and not independently. The building codes in many areas of the country have recently been modified to require a second water heater if an oversized tub is installed in the home.

I live in the North and my incoming water temperature in the winter is 50o F. What would the temperature of my shower be?

Before answering the question, it is important to note the following facts:

  • Most of us are comfortable in a shower that is between 100o-104o F. Remember that although normal body temperature is 98.6o F, surface skin temperature is only 85o-90o F.
  • Federal Law requires that Jacuzzi and Spa heaters be limited to 104o F.
  • A 2.5 gpm restricted showerhead will actually flow at about 1.9 gpm (showerhead restrictors are calibrated using water pressure of 80 psi and the typical residential water pressure is about 60 psi).

The Hubbell Model 220 Whole House tankless water heater will increase the temperature of the incoming water by 79o F. at 1.9 gpm. This will result in a maximum shower water temperature of 129o F. (50o + 79o), which will require that the temperature be reduced by adjusting the thermostats on the unit.

What other certifications does the Hubbell Tankless Water Heater have?

The Hubbell products have been approved by HUD (US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development), CEC (California Energy Commission), and the Saudi Arabian Standards Association. As a matter of fact, as of January 14, 2000 the Hubell Whole House Electronic Tankless Water Heater was the only tankless water heater certified by HUD for installation in HUD approved housing.

What is the annual cost of operation of the Hubbell unit?

Approximately $200 annually for a family of four. This compares favorably to a conventional electric storage tank, which costs between $400-$450 annually.