How Does The Hubbell Tankless Water Heater Work?

Hubbell has applied its 90 years of water heating experience and engineered a tankless electric water heater that will provide many years of reliable service in your home. The cold water enters the unit and passes through a flow meter and inlet thermistor which measure the precise flow rate and temperature of the incoming water. The control system uses advanced logic with solid state switching devices to fully modulate the power to the heating elements from 0-100% to provide the most accurate and consistent hot water temperatures in the industry. As the water flows out of the unit, a second thermistor makes any necessary adjustments to ensure the Hubbell Tankless delivers accurate and consistent hot water. With numerous control features including the ability to track kW hours consumed, operating cost and hot water usage, the Hubbell Tankless allows the homeowner to maximize their savings and gains the most benefit from their investment.

Tankless explained